Instant Results

Instant or rapid testing for drugs of abuse yields rapid, reliable results. Compared with lab-based testing which can take hours or even days to provide a result, instant testing takes only minutes and enables faster decision making and greater program efficiency.

Woman with an Express Results instant drug test card
Reliable, Rapid Results
Our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared testing products deliver consistent, accurate results. With results available only minutes after the collection, instant or rapid testing eliminates the logistics, testing and reporting delays that can be associated with lab-based drug testing.

Flexible Collections
Our easy-to-use, rapid testing products can be used for on-site collections, at the place of employment or at one of thousands of collection sites across the country. This flexibility provides options that can suit most testing situations.

Laboratory Support
Instant tests that screen non-negative for illicit drugs should be confirmed in a laboratory. Within our network of four SAMHSA-certified drug-testing laboratories, we will retest the rapid test specimen to determine if drugs are present.  This additional layer of support and assurance can help to improve the quality and reliability of any testing program.