Medical Clearance

There are two types of Medical Clearances that can be supplied by OMD. The online medical clearance can be accessed by clicking on the orange button below which requires a log in and is an additional cost.

The OMD medical clearance is also an option and can accessed by clicking on the green button below along with a log in. The medical clearance is confidential and ONLY reviewed by our Clinical Healthcare Director and our Pulmonologist. Should an employee have any questions our Clinical Director can be reached. Employees can request a copy via written consent form. Note: Employee can only click on the green button below once and cannot repeat. A password will be given to employee from employer to complete.

Is Google Forms secure enough for questions on the medical clearance?

Yes, Google Forms responses are stored in a worksheet that can only be accessed through a Google account login. The transmission of data uses SSL to encrypt the data during transport (but not in storage) OMD then takes this information and transfers to our HIPPA compliance storage system. Your information is secure and private.

What's the difference between OMD clearance & the online clearance?

  1. The cost – OMD is offered at $15.00 (free if getting fit tested or PFT) & instant online clearance is $25.00
  2. The time – OMD takes 24-48 hours to clear & online is instant

Do the medical clearance have to be done before testing appointment?

Yes – Minimal 72 hours prior to testing appointment

Do you offer the medical clearance in Spanish?

Yes – Currently we have the medical clearance offered in Spanish in the hard copy only and not online through OMD. Our third party offers online Spanish medical clearance.