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Mobile Respiratory & Occupational Health Services

Our services help both small & large companies meet their compliance needs

If you need health screening to protect your workforce Onsite Mobile Diagnostics can save you time and money. OMD offers flexible scheduling for respirator fit testing, audiometric testing and occupational health services. Our team will exceed your expectations and make the experience smooth allowing your employees to quickly return to work saving you time and money. We serve all 50 states with our primary locations in California, Arizona and Nevada by providing mobile occupational health services, diagnostic tests and data management. Our experienced clinicians have the knowledge and exceptional training that allows your employees to remain healthy by preventive care. Trust that OMD has the healthcare experience and can deliver unparallel services.

Respiratory Testing

Onsite Mobile Diagnostics makes it easy to implement a respiratory protection program in your workplace. OMD offers a full range of respiratory fit testing to keep you compliant with OSHA and NIOSH regulations.  Our mobile screenings save travel time and labor expenses associated with offsite exams.  We test both qualitative and quantitative giving you the ultimate choice.  If your in need of pulmonary function testing OMD will include the medical clearance at no additional cost and have our pulmonologist interpret and sign off on the PFT. Not sure of what your employees need? We’re here to help. OMD ONLY employs licensed clinicians so we are well trained, certified, educated and here to assist.  Have our Registered Respiratory Therapist who have state licenses in Respiratory Care come out to your site! Our work expertise are lungs and our commitment is to safety!

What's included with the Respirator Fit Testing?

  • 20 minute classroom style power point respiratory safety course
  • 10 minute OSHA training video
  • Hands on demonstration with class participation
  • Respiratory training sign in sheet (meets OSHA complaince)
  • Educational handouts
  • OSHA mandated medical clearance
  • Customized laminated wallet fit test cards
  • Documentation for employer
  • Electronic employee records
  • Ongoing healthcare clinician support

**Short on time for complete training and education? We can Fast-track the training and education. Call for details.

Do you provide the respirators?

We ask that the employer provides a variety of respirator sizes. If you need respirators OMD can sale them to you.

I have bad lungs, can I still do the PFT?

OMD is here to coach each individual in order to accomplish a PFT (spirometry) manuever. We have techniques that can assist you.

Why should I have my employees do a PFT?

As Respiratory Therapist we could give a long list of reasons why, however, to sum it up, education and treatment. If your employees are unaware of a lung condition they may have spirometry (PFT) is a diagnostic tool that can show this and then they can be treated and educated as to what is going on with their lungs.


Occupational health check is a term used to describe a variety of employee health screenings required by employers. The primary purpose is to prevent work-related injuries and disease.

Work place physicals are most commonly used to determine whether an individual is physically suited for a particular job. Some jobs require special physical ability, such as those involving heavy lifting or other physical exertion. Think of a firefighter’s job duties compared to an office worker. Employee health screenings can also identify pre-existing conditions which make an employee more susceptible to the effects of hazardous substances or other risks on the job.

A health screening can be required at various stages of the employment relationship, starting before a new hire is assigned to particular job. These health screenings are generally used for the following purposes:

  1. To establish that candidates are able to meet the physical requirements of the job prior to assignment
  2. To monitor health status at periodic intervals when the job involves exposure to potential health hazards
  3. To establish that employees are able to return to work after a prolonged absence for health reasons
  4. To establish the conditions under which employees with illnesses, injuries or disabilities are able to continue working

Workers who have been exposed to occupational hazards such as toxins or other substances are sometimes given medical examinations to manage the lasting health effects. Periodic health examinations of employees can reveal the existence of health hazards in the workplace and allow the employer to make changes to improve worker health and safety. Sometimes special health screenings are conducted after the end of an assignment involving hazards that might cause future health impairment. We also conduct annual physicals.

Pre-Employment Health Screening

A pre-employment health screening is an exam usually performed by a health care professional to determine if an employee is medically fit for the job and the specific duties required. The pre-employment exam may include a routine history and physical, drug screening and/or complete lab work. Employees may also be required to perform physical ability tests to measure their ability to perform a particular task. The purpose is to determine where the employee can be placed to function at his or her best without risk of injury. Blood test results and other clinical information can also be used to establish a baseline at the start of employment. This information can be used to evaluate changes in health status that may occur later on.

Perhaps most importantly, the results of pre-employment physicals should be used to place workers in jobs that are well suited for their health, and not to screen out workers for improper purposes. The physical examination must be related to the job the applicant will be doing. Psychological testing is also required in some occupations where workers are exposed to high levels of stress: for example, air traffic controllers and law enforcement personnel.

What type of physicals do OMD clinicians perform?

  1. Annual work place physicals
  2. Pre-Employment physicals
  3. Post work place injury physicals

Note: Physicals can include Lift Tests

What's included in the physical?

This includes the Licensed Healthcare Professional coming out to your job-site to perform the basic physical which includes over view of employees medical healthcare questionnaire, height, weight, vision check via vision chart, vitals (BP, pulse & oxygen saturation on room air) auscultation (listening) to the lungs, physical assessment and a report back from our MD with final remarks and signature. The Healthcare professional is licensed and well trained within the scope of practice (physicals) their job is to perform the physical and report the findings to our MD where then a clearance will be provided or a recommended follow-up with employees Primary Care Physician for further evaluation. Note: Final determination is cleared through our MD and does not guarantee a passing physical. In some instances the employee may need to follow up with their Primary Care Physician (PCP) for further evaluation.

Note: Lift Test can be included if requested

Is the on-site physical a guaranteed clearance?

No. Final determination is cleared through our MD and does not guarantee a passing physical. In some instances the employee may need to follow up with their Primary Care Physician (PCP) for further evaluation. Our Licensed Clinician will go over the medical questionnaire and perform the physical and then will give report to MD. More often the physical is cleared and there is no need for a follow up. However Onsite Mobile Diagnostics CANNOT GUARANTEE a passing physical.

Is the physical private? Do I have to undress?

OMD protects the privacy of our patients and customers. Therefore, we will require a small room to review confidential information and perform physical. You DO NOT need to undress.

How long will it take?

Depends. Approximate time is 10-15 minutes per person. The physical is based on employees evaluation and questions they may have.

Do you do a lift test?

We only do lift test if required and requested from employees’ employer.

Occupational Services

Onsite Mobile Diagnostics is committed to meeting your companies needs by offering a variety of occupational services and training. We understand that your employees are busy at work and may need a medical questionnaire completed but can’t seem to find the time. OMD has solved this problem by offering a secure HIPPA online medical questionnaire. Your employees can take this during a time that may be less hectic and the questionnaire is offered in both English and Spanish. OMD also can provide the following

OMD wants to make sure your companies needs can be met with a single visit and provide additional services that can make your job easier.

Drug Testing

Onsite Mobile Diagnostics technicians are all certified collectors adhering to the rigorous SAMI training and certification program. OMD offers a variety of drug testing and we can provide you with top industry mobile drug testing.  Rest assured that all mobile drug testing collections by OMD will be handled quickly, correctly and confidentially ensuring your company compliance with industry standards.

  • Urine Collection
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Oral Fluid
  • Immediate Result
  • Lab & MRO provided if needed

Medical Clearance

There are two types of Medical Clearances that can be supplied by OMD. The online medical clearance can be accessed by clicking on the orange button below which requires a log in and is an additional cost.

The OMD Respiratory Medical Clearance is included and considered once an appointment has been confirmed and proposal accepted. The Medical Clearance is confidential and ONLY reviewed by our Clinical Healthcare Director and our Pulmonologist. Should an employee have any questions our Clinical Director can be reached. Employees can request a copy via written consent form. Note: Employee can only click on the blue button below once and cannot repeat. 

Is Google Forms a secured method for my healthcare responses?

Yes, Google Forms responses are stored in a worksheet that can only be accessed through a Google account login. The transmission of data uses SSL to encrypt the data during transport (but not in storage) OMD then takes this information and transfers to our HIPPA compliance storage system. Your information is secure and private.

When does the questionnaire need to be completed?

48 hours prior to day of testing

What's the difference between OMDs' medical clearance and the online medical clearance?

  1. The cost – OMD is offered at $15.00 (free if getting fit tested or PFT) & instant online clearance is $25.00
  2. The time – OMD takes 24-48 hours to clear & online is instant

OMD has performed qualitative and quantitative fit testing services for both small and large companies from all industries including general construction, maritime, vector control, manufacturing and healthcare to name a few.

OMD’s Clinicians are all CAOHC and NIOSH trained and certified and undergo frequent quality control reviews from our Medical Director and owners who are Registered Respiratory Therapist.

OMD has a large staff of experienced licensed clinicians making it possible to work around your busy hectic schedule and we offer our clients the highest quality medical testing while meeting OSHA health and safety compliance.

Did you know that OMD hires Respiratory Therapists? We know Lungs! We also have amazing patient assessment skills and we can complete your physicals! Still have questions? Our experienced Respiratory Therapist have completed thousands of fit tests per year. Give us a call or send us an email, we will be glad to help.