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Onsite Mobile Diagnostics has compiled videos/images/articles/health content to help you understand more about the way our licensed clinicians help our customers. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

Owners of OMD are working Respiratory Therapist and the majority of our staff. Why is that important? If you want someone who has excellent training & first hand knowledge of lungs, then it’s important.

This is why we do what we do. Click on link here to read the article. Respiratory protection & Safety is our business!

OMD understands that when we come out to your place of business your employees are in good working condition, however, wouldnt you want a team that has handled life & dealth situations similiar to what you see in the video? This just shows we have excellent patient assessment skills and Heath & Safety is what drives us! 

Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry) & Why its important

We are including video and resources to give you a quick glimpse of why a PFT (spirometry) is beneficial and how its performed. How PFT is performed video 

When is a PFT (Spirometry)  needed and why its important? Download the article here.

Respirator Fit Testing OSHA Guidelines, Video & Respiratory Safety

It’s Importance to have a good fit. OSHA mandates Fit Testing download OSHA respirator fit testing information here.

Employers need to protect their employees and everyone should be educated about Respiratory Safety. Please watch the OSHA video on Respiratory Safety.

NIOSH Safety Fact Sheet

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) specifies minimum approval requirements for respiratory protective devices in Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 84. NIOSH reviews respirator approval applications, which contain technical specifications, drawings, and other related information. NIOSH also inspects, examines and tests the respirators to determine that the applicable requirements are met for individual, completely assembled respirators, as described in §84.30(a). Click here for fact sheet.

Protect Your Ears

At a young age we were told by our parents to wash behind our ears and as we got older we were told to turn donw the music but at a certain time in our lifes we have to take reasponsibilty for our own hearing health. Luckily, OMD has the same mission as CAOHC. There Mission Advance best practice in occupational hearing conservation worldwide.

OMD wants to make sure our Occupational Workers are protected and we also want to protect the little ones. This is why OMD will come to your school sites to perform Audiometric testing.

Hearing Conservation Video

Wellness Program (Physicals) Videos

Onsite Mobile Diagnositcs Licensed Healthcare Clinicians will perform the physical which is needed for employees assigned job duties. Once the physical is completed the collected data is passed onto our Medical Director Dr Birion where information is reviewed, interpreted and then forwarded to the employer. Here is an example video on what to expect. OMD performs DOT physicals and will follow DOT guidelines. Please see video below for DOT physical requirements.

What is done during a pre-employment physical exam?

DOT Physical Requirements for the CDL

How Do I Know If I Need A Sleep Study?

This may sound silly or gross......but what does your pooh say about you??